Welcome to BIG TIME International


We make big time for organizations, industries and communities around the globe, by providing the updated knowledge, networking the industry experts and gathering the stakeholders , We recruit and develop the best calibers to keep innovating integrated products and channels achieving the evolving plans & goals of our valued clients.


To be the leading knowledge and networking hub in MENA by 2020 and with our European partners a multi-national firm by 2023.
We differentiate our events by focusing on content and networking, differentiate our training by mixing working practices with prime text books, differentiate all our products by making them integrated and of added-value to our clients.
We differentiate ourselves by differentiating our clients!


  • Big Time International partners and Management are enjoying both decades of practical expertise, recognition and network of relations with multinational banks, International organizations and donors, Consultants and all stakeholders, together with holding doctorate and MBA degrees from prime EU universties.
  • Having experienced and diversified pool of practitioner and experienced instructors, Consultants and trainers in Egypt, GCC and Europe.
  • Co-organized our first conference in 2016 with SME Banking Club Europe, partnership with various Europen partners in conferecnes, events and study tours.